About Us

Consumenation is a website created for people interested in the coolest products services & apps!


Consumenation was built because we were always interested in the broad spectrum of cool items that are out there, but sometimes hard to find. We try to find all those and bring them under the same roof.

By cool we mean, crazy, funny, futuristic, controversial or extremely practical products, services, and apps. Also if we find things that are amazing for some other reason we will add those as well, there’s no specific criteria really. If we think something is cool we just add them.

If you find products that you think we should feature. You can send as a recommendation by going to the contact page.


We are constantly pushing out more content in a form of products and articles.
Our staff is searching the internet on a daily basis to provide current and best information about the coolest products.


We do NOT own any of the products showcased on the site. We just simply showcase them on our website and you can find out more about them from the original source by clicking the thumbnail or the Check It Out! – Button.


Many of the products that we showcase on our site are items sold by a merchant that is part of an affiliate program. We get a small commission when somebody ends up buying those products and that is how our website is monetized. However, if we find a cool product we will upload it anyways, even if we don’t get a commission from it. That way you can have a selection of the best hand-picked products from all over the internet!

We greatly appreciate if you purchase products through our site, that helps us work harder and find more epic products from the web.

Our website is a great place to find cool items for yourself, or perhaps even better source for finding cool gift ideas for your loved ones. Most of our blog posts are gift related, so if you know what your loved one is interested in, we have most likely written a gift article about that topic that features the most stand out products in that specific topic.


Thanks for reading and hope you are enjoying our site!  If you have any suggestions on how we could make our website even better. You can send us an email, by going to the contact page that you find on the footer. (at the bottom of any page)