Christmas Gifts For Fortnite Players | List Of Cool Fortnite Related Items

What’s up consumenation!

In this gift list, we have collected what we believe to be the coolest and most stand out products for your beloved Fortnite gamer for Christmas.

We collected Fortnite related items in all sorts of different categories so that there is a little something for every type of Fornite player. We also collected items for different budgets.

Whether you’re looking something to a kid, adult, boyfriend or girlfriend this list should have you covered.

Without further ado lets dive right into the items!


Boogie Bomb

Fortnite Boogie Bomb

This real life boogie bomb replica has a pull pin trigger and it looks exactly like the boogie bomb in the game.

You use it by simply pulling the pin out and then pressing the trigger down. The bomb will play the same music as it does in the game.

The bomb also has an on and off switch so that it’s not requiring any additional battery life and is not accidentally misused.

This is a cool little gadget to use as a decorative feature in your gaming set up, a superstitious gadget to trigger the bomb after each kill or win. Or just as a funny gadget with no real purpose, bu just as a cool conversation piece.

Personalized Fortnite Wall Sign

This is a great gift idea for your loved one, who’s always playing Fortnite and hates when somebody interrupts him.

This personalized wall sign, is made of wood and is completely handmade. You can have the sign personalized with your name laser engraved into it.

A high-quality item that’s funny and probably quite useful as well.


Fortnite Loot Chest

This awesome piece of decoration is any Fortnite players wet dream, not just because of its looks but because of its utility as well.

This golden loot chest is perfect for storing your valuables, such as Xbox or ps controllers, games or anything really. It has a cool shiny tinker box effect when you open it, it glows and illuminates the whole chest and all the possessions inside.

It’s not just a storage box though. It can also function as a night lamp that provides just the perfect amount of lighting and will totally set your mood righ for some late night Fortnite.


Personalized Word Art 

Decorate your walls with Fortnite related personalized wall art.

You can choose from many different Fortnite designs and personalize the wall art by filling it with the words you like. The words will fill out the outline of the image and that way forming the picture.

You can also choose your preferred color for the text. The product is handmade and high quality.

A great addition to your loved one’s gaming room.


Fortnite Monopoly

Fortnite Monopoly

Two of everybody’s favorite games combined into one!

Everybody loves the game of Monopoly and the new breed of gamers love Fortnite, so if you want to mix the old school gaming to the new school this is the proper way of doing it.

This game is played similar to Fortnite, where the objective is to outlive other players. The game features many locations that are used the same way as properties are used in Monopoly. The health you accumulate is sort of like money in Monopoly.

It’s a fun game and a great way to get your loved one to play some board games for a change.


Personalized Controller Design

Perosnalized Controller Design Fortnite

Every gamer’s most valuable possession is, of course, his controller.

This seller makes both Xbox as well as Playstation console designs so whether your loved one is playing on Xbox or PS you’re golden either way.

The controller is brand new, so you don’t have to worry about getting a used item.

The controller is hand painted with the lama design that features purple and blue colorways and has the loot lama design on the side.

This is a true gamer statement and will totally make fellow gamers envious of your controller.


Personalized Fortnite Ornament

Personalized Fortnite Ornament

Since we’re talking about Christmas we had to mention the item that captures Christmas in essence and that is, of course, the Christmas tree ornaments.

The ornament has a Fortnite logo design and you can personalize it to have your preferred text written to it.

The user is also willing to customize and personalize the product based on your needs. If you need to have a different image, design or text, all that should be doable by contacting the seller.


Fortnite Rubber Band Pistol

Fortnite Rubber Band Pistol

I can’t see how somebody would not love this gift.

This rubber band gun can fire 3 rubber bands before needing a reload.

The gun is made of wood and it’s easy to use. You simply stretch the rubber bands to the back off the gun along the top side of the gun. Then you place the rubber band to a small barb that holds the rubber band in place. When you pull the trigger the barb will move, releasing the rubberband that will shoot through the air annihilating any object on its way!

You will also get 3 Fortnite targets that are small wooden figurines that are holding poses known from the Fortnite dances. You also get about 30 rubber bands, even though the gun can shoot regular rubber bands too.

A great bit of fun for folks of all ages.


Chug Jug Drink Holder

Chug Jug Drink Holder

Keep your energy drinks safe with this awesome chug jug drink holder.

The item is handpainted, lightweight and it’s made of durable material that’s not going to get ruined if you spill your drink to it or if it gets wet.

It’s an awesome detail to your gaming setup or just a great statement piece to let everyone know that you’re one of them Fortnite fanatics. Also, a cool way to enjoy your Redbull to help you get through those midnight gaming sessions.


Fortnite 3D Illusion Night Light

Fortnite 3D Illusion Night Light

This 3D illusion night light is a must have for any Fortnite lovers war room.

The lamp will provide the perfect lighting for some Fortnite action.

This night light is just a flat plate, but due to its design and the way the lights are set up it creates an illusion of the character or object being 3 dimensional.

You can find lamps with different characters or objects that you encounter while playing Fortnite.

The night light comes with a USB charger that you can plug to your computer or to a charger. The lamp has 7 different colors that you can rotate constantly in a loop or pick your favorite color that stays statically.


Loot LLama Stuffed Toy

Loot Llama Stuffed Toy

This is a great gift for young boys and girls that love Fortnite or maybe to a Fortnite lover girlfriend.

You can choose from different sizes, the largest one being 14 inches tall and 7.8 inches wide.

This lucky llama is made of high-grade cotton and is about as squishy as can be.

This is going to be a great piece to decorate your house with and a great fun piece to have for any Fortnite lover out there.


Fortnite Calendar

Fortnite Calendar

This Fortnite calendar is another statement accessory that lets everyone know what your favorite game is.

The calendar has a fan favorite Fortnite character on each page. Each page has the name of the month on top, an iconic Fortnite figure on the side, and on the other side, the calendar shows every date of the month with a field to write notes to.

It has plenty of space for notes and for other things worth memorizing.


Loot Llama Bank

Loot Llama Bank

This loot llama piggy bank is a great gift for your loved one.

The item is 3D printed and then handpainted. The piggy bank option is 20.3 cm wide and x 26.67 cm tall ( about 8 x 10.5 inches). The seller also has many other options other than the piggy bank or “llama bank” option.

You can choose to have a solid llama just as a toy or as a decorative feature to your house. Or you can have a solid mini llama as an ornament, cake topper or whatever you’d like. You can even get a 3D printed llama with no paint and have your loved one do the painting for it.


Fortnite Wall Art

Fortnite Wall Art

If your loved one is lacking some wall decorations from his gaming room then this item is going to be just perfect.

These wall art images are a perfect way to decorate your gaming room to let everyone know what’s up when it comes down to gaming!

You can choose your art from different designs or if you have something in mind you can hit them up and ask for your own custom art and they’ll most likely be happy to oblige. That way, you can personalize the gift with your loved one’s favorite character and favorite emoji.

A great gift idea if your loved one has every gaming gadget and accessory under the sun already.


Fortnite Word Search Book

Fortnite Word Search Book

Another great gift idea to turn your loved one from being a Fortnite console or pc player to old school gamer that solves puzzles and plays board games.

This word search book has all sorts of word search puzzles that are all somehow Fortnite related.

The word searches have emotes, emojis, characters, blings, locations and much more that you have to find from the scrambled characters.

This is a great game to play if you want to learn about Fortnite by becoming fluent with the Fortnite vocabulary.


Floss Like A Boss Fortnite T-Shirt

Fortnite T-Shirt

We had to include some quirky clothing items to this list so this one is what we went for.

This “Floss like a boss” t-shirt captures the whole mindset of the Fornite gaming community. The game is all about having fun and trolling and so is this shirt.

You will surely get some looks and silly smirks from fellow Fortnite players when wearing this.


Personalized Fortnite Skin Night Lamp

Personalized Fortnite Night Lamp

Choose from 6 different skin designs to have your favorite one illuminated with led lights.

This laser cut acrylic plate looks super dope on any gaming setup. You can use this to light up the room by choosing from various different colorways. The lamp has just one button on the bottom making it very easy to use. By pressing the button you can turn the lamp on and of as well as change between the different colors.

You can also personalize the lamp to have your name engraved and illuminated underneath the skin design.


Fortnite Strategy Guide Book

Fortnite Strategy Guide Book

No better gift to give to a helpless Fortnite enthusiast than a gift of getting better at Fortnite.

This Fortnite strategy book breaks down the whole game explaining different strategies and tips and tricks. This book will help your loved Fortnite enthusiast to steepen the learning curve and become better much faster by learning from top players.


There you have it!

The coolest Fortnite related gifts that we could find from the internet for your beloved Fortnite addict.

Hopefully, you found something you know your loved one will appreciate. We really tried to find a little something for every type of Fortnite gamer and for different purposes, whether it’s for gaming, learning to play, decoration or just toys.

We also tried to find something for kids, adults, boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, and relatives. That’s because Fortnite is truly a game that people of all ages can appreciate.

However, if you still didn’t quite find what you were looking for make sure to check out our home page.

We are constantly searching the web to find more and more stand out products. By the time you’re reading this article, we have most likely added many products for your loved one that can serve as even better gift ideas as the items mentioned in this list.

Maybe you can find something for yourself as well.

Anyways I wish you a good day and happy gaming!