Gifts For Cowboy Boyfriend | Western Themed Gifts For Him

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In this gift list, we have collected the best items for your beloved cowboy!

We collected some funny products, useful products, decorative products, and others, that should all put a smile on your cowboy boyfriend’s or husband’s face.

We really tried to find only the coolest stand out products we could find and leave all the ordinary gift ideas away.

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Without further ado, let’s dive right into the products!


Beer Holster With Bullet Opener

Beer Holster

Every cowboy needs his holster! If your cowboy is also a bit of a beer lover then this product should be just perfect for him!

This beer holster is made of high-quality leather and has been well stitched together to make sure it will last for a long time.

The holster can carry a beer hands-free without spilling it everywhere. It can carry regular sized beer bottles and cans.

The holster also comes with a cool looking bullet bottle opener. The opener is the size of a regular bullet but has a small piece carved out of it that you can use to open bottles with.

The holster also comes with a small holder for the bottle opener, but the opener can also be used on its own for example by placing it in your keychain.

A great product for a beer-loving cowboy!


Personalized Cowboy Lighter

Cowboy Lighter

Lighter is always a great gift to give. Even if your cowboy is not a smoker, lighter can be used for lighting candles and fires as well kept just as a decorative item in the house.

This golden color cowboy lighter has a beautiful design and it’s completely handmade and mirror polished.

You can have your loved one’s name engraved into it to make it uniquely his.


Cowboys 10 Commandments

Cowboy Ten Commandments


If your house is missing some decorative items to bring out the cowboy feel even more then this item is a sure winner.

This wall sign has 10 commandments that any true cowboy stands by.

It’s a great looking piece of furniture to provide that western cowboy feel and your cowboy loved one will definitely love this one.


Funny Western Cowboy T-Shirt

Cowboy T-shirt Funny

Okay, this gift is a bit more on the quirky side.

The t-shirt is made to look like an old-school cowboy uniform. It has a 3-dimensional print that makes it look very realistic.

This is a great gift to pull some chuckles off of your loved one and a great t-shirt for parties or silly, non-formal events.


Cowboy Boot Beer Mug

Cowboy Beer Mug

Another one for the beer-loving cowboys.

This beer mug is very large and can hold 12.5 ounces of cold beer.

It’s made of very thick, machine pressed glass and doesn’t break easily.

A great gift to give so that your man can enjoy his cold one in the evenings, like a true cowboy that he is!


Personalized Cowboy Word Art

Personalized Cowboy Word Art

This cool cowboy wall art is a great and unique gift idea that looks great on the wall.

The design has an outline of a cowboy riding a horse. You can give the seller your preferred words and phrases that will be written inside the outline to create fill out the image.

You can also choose your preferred color for the art.


Cowboy Wall Art Vinyl

Cowboy Vinyl Wall Art

This vinyl art is a great decoration to your favorite room of the house.

The art piece is made of a vinyl record. The record is carved to look like a desert, with cactuses, wolves and mountains, with a cowboy riding a horse on the bottom.

The product is completely handmade and you can contact the seller for any customization of your liking, like different design or personalization with text.

A cool piece of art that any cowboy will surely appreciate!



Cowboy Travel Mug

Cowboy Travel Mug

Let your cowboy enjoy his coffee in an appropriate manner with this cowboy themed coffee travel mug.

The body of the mug is made of ceramic, while the lid is plastic and covered with a silicone ring.

The coffee mug features a cowboy design with a cowboy riding a horse and throwing a lasso.

The coffee mug is tall and can hold 17 oz of liquid and due to the silicone ring, it’s completely leak proof.


Cowboy Boot Bottle Opener

Cowboy Boot Bottle Opener

This cowboy boot shaped bottle opener is a great low budget gift idea to your cowboy husband.

It’s made of metal with a golden bronze coloring.

The opener is made with great craftsmanship and follows a great amount of detail.

The opener is just the right size making it easy to pop bottles open, while still being small enough to easily store and carry around.


Cowboy Ceiling Fan Pulls

Cowboy Boot Fan Decorations

This one is another great decorative gift idea to provide your casual looking fans with some cowboy feel.

If you have a ceiling fan then this item is a sure hit item on this list. The seller sells individual cowboy boot designs that can be hung from the ceiling fan with an iron chain.

Each design is handmade and handpainted.


Letter Belt Buckle

Letter Belt Buckle Cowboy

A sure way to tell a true cowboy is from his belt buckle.

This oversized belt buckle is made of leather, metal, and plastic. The backside of it is leather, the letter in front is made of plastic and the buckle itself is made of metal.

You can, of course, pick the letter that’s your boyfriends initial to give it a bit more personal feel.


Cowboy Hat Holder

Cowboy Hat Holder

The most precious possession of any cowboy is without a doubt his cowboy hat.

That means you want to make sure that they’re nicely stored to make sure they look awesome in your household, as well as having an easy access to them, and making sure that they stay in prime conditions for a long time.

This cowboy hat holder does all that for you.

The holder is designed specifically for cowboy styled hats and you can store four of them on top of each other. Making sure they’re not pressed and are not losing their shape.

The holder is also a great way to showcase your cowboy hat collection in the house and will serve as a decorative feature as well.

The product is made of powder-coated steel and oozes quality and is very durable.


Cowboy Human Evolution T-Shirt

Cowboy Human Evolution Shirt

This is a silly shirt that showcases how the evolution theory really works.

It’s a goofy and quirky gift idea that’s not to be taken too seriously.

The shirt has basically just the evolution of the human being from apes to a cowboy.

The t-shirt is made of soft cotton and is very comfy.


Cowboy Hat Charm

Cowboy Lucky Charm

This is a cute gift to bring some luck to your loved cowboy on a day to day basis.

This charm is made in the shape of a cowboy hat and looks very cute. It’s made of zinc alloy stainless steel and it’s very high quality.

It has a stainless steel ring so you can easily attach it to any necklace or bracelet.

A cool cute item for your boyfriend to wear to have something from you always with him to bring him good fortune wherever he is or whatever he does.


Cowboy Soap

Cowboy Soap

This great smelling cowboy soap is great for making sure your cowboy smells wonderful after a long day chasing down some cattle.

This cowboy is designed for cowboys in particular and has a signature dusk scent.

The soap bar is very nice looking and has Herban Cowboy engraved into it.


There you have it, folks.

I hope you found something for your beloved cowboy.

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