Groomsmen Gift Ideas | Unique, Different, Useful & Funny Thank You Gifts

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In this article, we have collected an awesome list that should provide you with some unique and cool thank you gift ideas for your groomsmen.

We tried our hardest to find the best products for different types of groomsmen, whether you’re looking for something a bit more quirky and silly or whether you want something that oozes quality and class. In either case, we should have you covered.

We also collected both inexpensive and expensive products, so whether you’re on a loose budget or a bit tighter one. You should be able to find awesome gift ideas from the list regardless.

Without further ado lets dive right into the products!

Personalized Groomsmen Bobbleheads

Groomsmen Bobbleheads

These personalized groomsmen bobbleheads are a cool and a very unique way to gift everyone with a highly personalized gift.

This gift idea is great for those that have a bit more of a tongue in the cheek approach to their wedding and just like to provide their groomsmen with something cool and silly.

These handmade bobbleheads are created from high-grade materials, based on the image that you provide them with. You will get very awesome and highly personalized bobbleheads that match your groomsmen, from their hairdo to the color of their skin and their facial expression.


Boxer Set For Groom, Best man & Groomsmen

Groomsmen Boxer Shorts

This gift idea is also more on the goofy side.

If you feel like the bachelor party or the wedding is going to get a bit out of hand at some point and you expect things to get so hot that people start stripping. It’s good to be prepared and let everyone know who the groom is, who the best man is and who the groomsmen are. Even when you have nothing on except your underwear.

This set consists of 6 pack of men’s boxer shorts. The underwear is 100% cotton and you can choose to have a separate colorway for every piece. The boxers have a name tag in the back that says either groom, best man or groomsman.


Personalized Groomsmen Flasks

Personalized Groomsmen Flasks

A flask is always a great gift when you’re not sure what to get to your buddies.

These personalized flasks are made from high quality matte black material. The flask is decorated and styled to look like a tuxedo. You can personalize the flasks with 4 lines of text. You can choose the name, title, names of groom and bride, and the date.

This is a phenomenal gift idea if you just want something kind of useful and classy.

You can also have the flask shipped in a nice gift box. You can choose to have just 1 flask, a set of 3 flasks or a set of 6 flasks.


Personalized Docking Station

Personalized Docking Station Groomsmen

This personalized docking station is a great novelty item that is truly unique and will come in handy amongst your groomsmen.

This station allows you to keep all your small essentials in the same place and prevent from losing them. It’s made of wood and is completely handmade.

The docking station has slots for:

  • 2 Watches
  • Keys
  • Wallet
  • Sunglasses
  • Phone

You can personalize the gift by choosing your preferred font, text or initials and the color of the wood.


Groomsmen Gift Bags

Groomsmen Gift Bags

This is a great concept if you truly want to think of every little thing when it comes down to the big occasion.

These gift bags are a great way to give your groomsmen gifts. The design is in the tuxedo and bowtie theme and looks extremely dapper.

This is a concept that puts the icing on the cake when it comes down to handing out your gifts. Instead of having your gifts in a basic bag or gift wrapping, hand them out in these custom novelty gift bags.


Groomsmen Gift Set

Personalized Groomsmen Gift Box

This personalized gift set consists of:

  • Leather Wallet
  • Personalized Pocket Knife
  • Leather Strap Keychain
  • Lighter
  • Wooden Gift Box

You can choose to have all four items in the gift box, or you can choose to leave some of them out depending on your loved one’s preferences.

You can choose your text for the gift box and for the items inside. The gift box is made of wood and the personalization is done with laser engravement.


Personalized Groomsmen Tie Clips

Personalized groomsmen Tie Clips

These awesome looking tie clips allow you and your groomsmen to look extra fly when you’re all dressed up to the tens.

You can choose from silver, gold or stainless steel colors. The clips will have your loved one’s initials engraved into them, making them look extremely classy.

This item is for those that appreciate style.


Personalized Wooden USB – Cases With Flash Drives

Personalized USB Flash Drive Groomsmen

Give something unordinary by giving your groomsmen some wooden USB-flash drives.

These flash drives come in a wooden box that has your groomsman’s name engraved to it. You can also have the date and the occasion engraved to the box.

You can choose flash drives that have 8 GB, 16 GB or 32 GB of memory.

The flash can also be personalized with your own unique message and they are in a very unique looking wooden casing with rounded edges. The USB can be closed in and it will stay closed with a magnet that is placed inside to keep the cap in place and avoid it from falling off.


The Man Card | Guide For The Groomsmen

Man Card Guide For The Groomsmen

These funny cards will do wonders in reducing stress and keeping the wedding ceremony playful.

These man cards have 4 funny codes of conduct for the groomsmen and for the best man.

This is a silly gift idea that works wonders to pull some laughs off of your groomsmen. Or they can be a nice additional gift on top of your other gifts.


Credit Card Sized Steel Bottle Opener Set

Groomsmen Bottle Opener Credit Card Personalized

The beer bottle openers will come in handy among your beer-loving groomsmen.

These credit card sized bottle openers are made of heavy-duty stainless steel. You can easily store these in your wallet and they look very classy.

These bottle openers can be personalized with your preferred title, name, names of groom and bride and with the date of the special occasion.

This gift idea doesn’t cost you much and is surely going to be very useful among your beer enthusiast groomsmen.


Groomsmen Glasses

Groomsmen Glasses

This is a great way to dress up for when the wedding gets a bit wilder later on in the evening.

You guys can all pull out your groom, best man, and groomsmen glasses to rock a matching outfit. These are also a great idea for the bachelor party to let everyone know the special reason for partying.


Groom’s Drinking Team Member Can Coolers

Beer Can Cooler Groomsmen Gift

These can coolers are a great gift to your groomsmen if you want to provide something unique to thank them for all their help and support and also give them something of quality that will be very useful to them for years to come.

These can coolers have a text “groom’s drinking team member” written onto them. You can choose to have 6, 12 or 24 black can coolers that all have that phrase written to them. On top of that, you get one can cooler that’s white and says “groom” with a cool icon printed onto it as well.

The coolers are made of polyurethane foam, which is excellent at keeping cold drinks cool and the design allows your hands to stay dry and warm.


Personalized Ballpoint Pen & Money Clip Gift Set

Groomsmen Ball Pen Leather Wallet Gift Set

This one is for those that prefer something classy, instead of quirky, funny or cheeky gifts.

This gift set comes with a ballpoint pen, refill pen and a money clip. You can personalize the wallet with 3 lines of text and the ballpoint pen with one line of text.

All the items look very classy and are made from high-grade materials. This is a great novelty thank you gift for your groomsmen and to your best man.


Wedding Day Survival Kit

Wedding Survival Kit

This is another one that’s kind of a funny gift to give before the ceremony, but it’s still most likely going to come in handy before during or after the wedding.

This survival kit consists of all the most common life saver accessories and gadgets during weddings.

Here is the list:

  • Pair of black socks
  • 5 Q-tips
  • Tweezers
  • Nail File & Sewing Kit
  • 2 Blister Pads
  • 2 Safety Pins
  • 75 Sheets of Blotting Paper
  • 2 Band-Aids
  • Razor

All the items are fitted into a nice looking bag that can be used for other things too, for example as a beauty pouch.


Personalized Pocket Knives

Groomsmen Pocket Knives Gift

These personalized pocket knives are a very cool gift idea to say thanks and to keep the memory of your special day.

The handle is made of wood and the tools are from stainless steel.

The pocket knife has many tools, such as 2 scissors, 2 different sized blades, screwdriver, and a can opener.

The knives can, of course, be personalized to have your groomsmen’s names engraved onto them along with the date of the special occasion.


Authentic 50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Openers

Real Bullet Bottle Opener

This gift idea fits right into the badass category.

These bottle openers are made from legitimate and authentic 50 caliber rounds that have been fired once by the American military.

The bullet was then restored and modified to do its job as a bottle opener.

By purchasing these you are also supporting the troops as some of the profits go to the Wounded Warrior Project.


There you have it, folks!

Hope you found something special for your groomsmen.

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