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In this blog post, we have collected some great gift ideas for your little girl who’s a total horse lover.

We have collected many unique items, for different purposes. Some items are personalized, others useful for supporting your little girl’s horse-related hobbies and activities and others just plain awesome products.

We collected items in different price points as well so there is something for everyone, whether you’re looking for something more luxurious and thus more expensive or if you’re on a tighter budget and are looking for something inexpensive. In any case, we’ve got you covered!

Without further introduction, let us dive right into the items!


Horse Music Box For Keeping Jewelry

This very cute looking music box is a great gift idea for your horse enthusiast girl.

The music box has drawers for small items like jewelry, small toys or your girl’s important treasure items. You can choose from different horse related designs and different drawer layouts.

This particular one has 2 small drawers on each side and one larger one in the front at the bottom.

You play the music box by rotating the key in the backside of the box and as the music starts playing the horse figurine starts spinning.

A cute gift for your little horse aficionado.


Paint Your Own Horse Craft Set

This is a great product that allows your girl to practice her creativity while having a good time.

This horse craft kit comes with 2 horses and a painting set that allows your girl to practice her artistic skills by creating her ideal horse. One of the horses is Arabian and the other one is Thoroughbred.

The manufacturer also has other products that allow you to create your ideal horse by using your creativity. They have products such as chalkboard horse that comes with 4 different color chalk pieces,  and an emoji sticker horse that allows you to place emojis as decoration, and others.

A great gift that allows your girl to practice her creativity and artistry skills by painting her ideal horse.


Personalized Word Art Horse Painting

Personalized Word Art Painting

This beautiful framed print has an outline of a horse that’s filled and colored with text. You can personalize the text and have your girls name inside as well as other words to fill out the design.

The product is handmade.

It’s a great personalized gift idea that has meaning, as it captures the most important words related to her favorite horse or to her horse riding and training hobbies.


Horse Wall Decal

Horse Wall Decal

This horse wall decal set comes with 24 small decals. What makes this gift so great is that the decals are extremely easy to apply and you can easily have your girl decorating her own room with the decals. Just provide a helping hand if needed.

The decals don’t require any water or adhesives. You just peel them off from the backing and stick to the wall. To remove, simply peel them off.

They won’t leave any sticky residues to the wall so you can apply them and peel them off as you please without it being a hassle or having to worry about ruining your walls.

A great gift idea that allows your kid to decorate her room just the way she wants with horse imagery.


Horse Memory Box

Horse Memory Box

This very cute and considerate memory box is just what any young girl needs.

It’s a place for her treasures and for her most memorable and important small items.

The memory box looks stunning and is carved out of wood. The carving is handpainted by an artist called Susan Lordi. Susan specializes in creating intimate art for lovers and families.

It comes in a nice gift box and has a gift card inside.


3D Horse Lamp

3d horse Night Lamp

If your kid is missing a study or night lamp from her room then this cool sciency 3d lamp that’s shaped like a horse is a great and useful piece of decoration for her room.

This night light is actually a flat acrylic plate, but the lighting is created in a way that creates an impressive 3d effect.

This item is great for tech-loving kids and a sure winner as far as lamps go among little kids and especially kids that love horses.


Everything You Want To Know About Horses Book For Girls

Horse Book

If your girl is extremely passionate about everything related to horses then this gift is very useful, supportive and will surely put a smile on her face.

The book will provide tips and tricks on everything related to riding and owning horses. It will touch on subjects like how to name your horse, different horse breeds and about the stable relationships and social dynamics between your horse or horses.

Everything is explained in a way suitable for girls, that’s interesting and informative, yet easy to comprehend and consume.

You can get the book as an e-book, paperback or as a hardcover.

Great gift idea for horse lover that also love reading books.


Personalized Sterling Silver Horse Necklace

Personalized Sterling Silver Horse Necklace

This is a very considerate and a cool gift idea for your loved one.

This handmade necklace made from sterling silver can be personalized to have your loved one’s name engraved to it. It has a name tag and a horse-shaped silver design on top of the text.

You can choose from 3 different necklace lengths to suit your girl.

It comes with a cute gift box and is ready to be gifted straight from the box.


Personalized Horseshoe Art

Personalized Horseshoe Art

This cool looking horseshoe is a great gift to give from accomplishing something or just as a birthday present.

The horseshoe art piece is made of wood, metal, and steel. The actual horseshoe is made of metal and steel and the plate behind the horseshoe is made of wood. The wooden plate is where you can have your preferred message engraved into.

You can write your personalized message up to 75 characters.

This is a great way to decorate a room or the stable and a great gift for your girl.


Horse Scrapbook Kit for Girls

Horse Scrapbook Girls

This scrapbook is a great gift idea to support both, your girls love for horses and her creative and artistic skills.

The scrapbook is 9 inches tall and 7 inches wide and it has 60 pages that are made of scented paper.

The scrapbook also has a password coded lock to keep your girl’s secrets secure.

On top of that it includes:

  • 1 sheet of 3d stickers
  • 2 sheets of scented stickers
  • 24 pieces of self-adhesive jewels
  • a feather pen
  • 1 roll of craft tape
  • a pencil pouch

This is a perfect scrapbook for any horse enthusiast to not just use it as a diary or for notes, but to have fun with it as well and to practice art and creativity!


Racing Horse Game

Racing Horse Board Game

Children love board games and horse riding children will love this game even more!

This horse racing game can be used as a family fun time activity or your girl can play it with her friends.

The objective of the game is to race with your horse to the end of the board, by rolling the dice and by using playing cards. Whoever gets to the finish line first wins.

A great game to play with family members or with friends.


Keep Calm And Ride Horses Hoodie

Keep Calm And Ride Horses Hoodie Girls

This 2keep calm and ride horses” hoodie is a great hoodie either for everyday use or as an outfit when you’re hanging around horses in the stable.

The shirt is a great statement to let everyone know your love for horses. It’s made from high-quality materials and is very comfy.

A great piece of clothing for equestrians and horse lovers.


Horse Hopper

Horse Hopper

If your girl is at an age where she still loves horse hoppers and bouncy balls then this one is great for her.

This horse hopper is 4 legged, inflatable and meets all the safety requirements. It uses no hard or materials making sure that it’s safe to play with.

It’s easy to use and easy to inflate. It comes with a two-way hand pump that allows you to inflate it quickly and easily.

A great toy for your horse loving girl.


Horse Stable Playing Set

Stable Game Girls

This comprehensive stable set comes with 20 different accessories to make sure your kid can truly practice her creativity and has fun for days with this, without ever running out of ideas.

The game is basically a big stable that has all sorts of accessories to decorate it with. The seller also sells two 14 inch horses that fit right inside the stable so your child can play with the stable and with the horses and have even more complete experience.

A great gift that will surely become your kids favorite toy in no time.


Personalized Horse Hoodie

Personalized Horse Hoodie

This personalized horse hoodie comes in various colors and in many different sizes. It will suit everyone from 1-year-olds to adults.

The hoodie has a beautiful horse print and you can personalize it by having your girls name underneath. The hoodie is handmade and it’s made of cotton and polyester.

The shirt is super soft and comfy and will suit girls of all ages and sizes.

A great personalized gift idea to dress up your girl properly.


Personalized Horse Decal

Personalized Horse Wall Decal girls

This personalized horse decal is another great way to decorate your girl’s room. The product is fully customizable. You can choose from 3 different size options 25 x 15, 35 x 21 or 45 x 27.

You can also pick pretty much any color you like for the decal image. The seller has a broad selection of colors to choose from and if you don’t find the right one you can just send them a message and they will create one with your preferred color.

You can also choose the name written onto the decal or you can choose just to have her initials on it. Finally, you can also choose the colorway for the initials or for the name.

The product is peel and stick product so it’s easy to install and to peel off.


Wooden Rocking Horse

Rocking Horse For Girls

This brings back the nostalgia from the old days when all the kids had one of these.

This rocking horse made of wood is a completely handmade item and it’s very high in quality. Also, the paint is hand-applied acrylic paint and the paint doesn’t include any toxic ingredients.

If you’re a horse loving family and you don’t have one of these then this one is a sure winner on this list.

The rocking horse is always one of the childhood memories that people remember as they grow older.


There you have it, folks!

A list of the best gift ideas for young girls who love horses that we could find from the internet.

I hope you found what you were looking for from this list. We put a lot of work into this trying to find only the best most stand out items that will surely put a smile on a young girls face.

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